IKEA - Green Homes 1 IKEA, the Swedish furniture...

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Green Homes 1 IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacturer is looking to expand its product line by launching a line of Green homes. These Green homes are for young married couples and will be between 350 sq. ft. and 420 sq. ft. The smaller model will cost $4,000 and will include a bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room. The larger unit costs $6,000 and has the option of having an infant room or a small bedroom. After researching both Mexico and India to launch IKEA’s new line of Green homes, I would like to recommend that they be launched in India. India is a very large country and its population is rapidly increasing. According to the State University of Michigan, India’s population is estimated at 1.16 billion and “is growing at 1.55% a year” which makes India the world’s 12 th largest economy (2001-2010). Since India is such a growing population, IKEA would be wise to market these portable houses to the Indian population to keep up with their growth rate. There are several cities in India that would benefit from these houses because their population is well over 5 million per city. These cities are Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Surat and Kolkata (City Mayors, 2011). India has the income needed for IKEA’s Green homes. It is important for IKEA to market these homes in a region in which a large majority of the population can afford to
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IKEA - Green Homes 1 IKEA, the Swedish furniture...

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