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Italian 333/MEMS 333 FINAL EXAM will be Wednesday, April 27, 4-6 pm in our regular classroom. Bring Bluebooks. The first part of the exam will be just like the previous exams, with passages and terms from the Paradiso . In the additional hour you will write an essay on a topic that enables you to bring together all three canticles. Possible essay topics. Only TWO of the following THREE topics will appear on the exam. You will then have to choose ONE. 1. Dante has been called the first “tragic” reader of Virgil. How does the character of Virgil develop over the course of the Inferno and Purgaorio ? Is Virgil lost or recuperated in the Paradiso ? What is the point of keeping him in Limbo when other pagans are saved? You might also consider passages from the Commedia that echo or rewrite the Aeneid . 2. Choose an episode or a character in the Inferno that is revisited in the Purgatorio and the Paradiso , or in both. How do encounters in the second two canticles
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Unformatted text preview: oblige us to see the infernal situation in a different light? 3. It might be said that the Commedia is a book about reading about how and how not to read. Using telling examples from the text, illustrate how the Commedia explores the pitfalls and possibilities of reading both literally and metaphorically. In general, good essays try to demonstrate something that might not be obvious at first glance. Therefore a strategy can be to show how one thing might seem to be the case, but on closer inspection, or when we bring other evidence from the poem to bear, we can look at it quite differently. Essays will be graded on the number and efficacy of their examples, as well as the economy and effectiveness of their argumentation. While this essay is usually three or four times as long as essays in Part Three of the exam, we are looking for substance, not mere length....
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