Persuasion and Conformity Scenario

Persuasion and Conformity Scenario - not approach is that...

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1 Cathy Bandelow PSY 210 April 3, 2011 Jennifer Graves
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2 After reviewing my classmate’s scenario summary, it did not change my interpretation. My opinion is the same. I do believe John may have other personal issues that he may need to confront within himself. John seems to have the social butterfly tendencies. John may have feelings of inadequacy or is uncomfortable with himself. John needs to spend time with John and figure out who he is when he is alone and not within a group. My classmate did a reasonable summary of John’s predicament and the decisions John will more than likely come upon in the near future. John does seem to be the type to go along with a group as long as John is comfortable with his surroundings. One item my classmate did
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Unformatted text preview: not approach is that John is from a small town in Indiana and is attending university in New York. Take a small town boy and give him so many more opportunities, is like taking a child to a candy store and allowing the child to choose whatever he or she desires. I completely agree with my classmate’s assessment of Donnie predicament. Donnie’s situation is different than John’s. Donnie is from a big city and is attending college in a smaller town. Donnie has been in the partying environment. Donnie appears to have a handle on his future more than John. My classmate did state his or her opinion clearly. He or she may have elaborated more on John and Donnie’s differences as to their backgrounds. The summary was concise and to the point....
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Persuasion and Conformity Scenario - not approach is that...

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