PSY 210 Effects of Stress - combination of the anger and...

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Running head: EFFECTS OF STRESS 1 Effects of Stress Cathy Bandelow PSY 210 March 24, 2011 Jennifer Graves
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EFFECTS OF STRESS 2 Effects of Stress The stages of general adaptation syndrome are the alarm stage, the resistance stage, and the exhaustion stage. The alarm stage is the initial reaction, as the body becomes surprised with an unexpected or non-intentional event. This phase is often recognized as the “fight or flight” response. The body reacting to the stressors is the resistance stage. The body may eventually adapt to the stress levels. When a body reaches the exhaustion stage, a person can exhibit incapability of maintaining their normal state. The body can break down and illness and fatigue can occur. Pursuing the promotion may cause emotional and cognitive reactions. Responses may include anger, anxiety, and depression. Anger may occur as a reaction to the numerous projects assigned that had been assigned to other associates. Anxiety may occur as a reaction to one’s thoughts of inadequacy. Depression may set in if a person cannot adequately handle the
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Unformatted text preview: combination of the anger and anxiety. Health effects of continuous high levels of stress may comprise of immune system deficiencies, infections, and diseases. Emotional instability would ensue because of the anxiety and depression. This could ultimately lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and possibly a stroke. Backaches, fatigue, headaches, and indigestion may also occur. Ulcers or acid reflux may arise because of the constant indigestion. A person may effectively resolve this situation by organizing the work flow. Prepare a detailed list of projects and impending deadlines. Prioritize the list with the most important listed first to the least important. Prioritizing the work projects will enable a person to fulfill their duties and have the satisfaction of completing their work. If necessary, do not hesitate to speak to the boss that assistance is needed to complete the less important projects. EFFECTS OF STRESS 3...
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PSY 210 Effects of Stress - combination of the anger and...

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