PSY 210 Psychology and Health Problems

PSY 210 Psychology and Health Problems - Running head...

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Running head: PSYCHOLOGY AND HEALTH PROBLEMS 1 Psychology and Health Problems Cathy Bandelow PSY 210 March 27, 2011 Jennifer Graves
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PSYCHOLOGY AND HEALTH PROBLEMS 2 Psychology and Health Problems The multifactorial model of health and illnesses illustrates several different environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors to diagnose health issues through psychology. Unbeknownst to many, psychology disorders may be an underlying cause to a health issues. A few factors are out of one’s control, which can lead to illness (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). One’s environment also can affect one’s mind and body (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). The model is to assist one with a better understanding of the association of psychology and health issues. The multifactorial model categorizes various factors into six basic groups, which will be further discussed within the following material as well as a couple of health issues that are associated with psychological disorders. Biological factors are genetic and out of one’s control. Family health history, which may be hereditary, exposure to illnesses, age, gender, and ethnicity amongst other factors are within this group (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). A person may have the notion that because an illness is present in their family history, that he or she will then have the same illness at some point in his or her life. Family history or ethnicity does not always determine one becoming ill with a certain disease. Family history or ethnicity may increase one becoming with a certain disease. One’s mindset may facilitate an illness. Environmental factors are determined by one’s surroundings. Natural disasters, pollution, radiation, vehicular safety, and water quality are within this group (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). One can change the environmental factors by leaving the area. This may not alleviate a person’s illness if currently infected, but may prevent any further damage. Behavior factors normally can be changed by a person, but may be out of one’s control,
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PSY 210 Psychology and Health Problems - Running head...

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