Week 2 - -Teddy Roosevelt-Ivy Lee-George Creel-Edward...

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Public Relations: Lecture 2 Early Beginnings in America -American independence The Boston Tea Party The Boston Massacre Samuel Adams -revolutionary movement Thomas Paine’s Common Sense Federal Papers (letters from Opinion Leaders) American Development in 19 th C -e.g. Davy Crocket, Annie Oakley, etc. -P.T. Barnum -Western expansion Impact of American railroads attracting settlers to expand ops -politics and activism Amos Kendall: Pres. Jackson’s Press Secretary Social reform: antislavery, women’s rights, prohibition -corp development Mutual Life Insurance Company: hired journalists to improve image Westinghouse Corp: 1 st in-house publicity dept 1900-1950 -Henry Ford
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Unformatted text preview: -Teddy Roosevelt-Ivy Lee-George Creel-Edward Bernays: Father of Modern PR • Ivory Soap • Ballet Russe • Light’s Golden Jubilee • Women and cigarettes 1950-2000 Reasons for expansion of PR:-post WWII econ-major incr in urban and suburb pops-growth of big business/labour/gov-sci/tech advances-comm rev-evolving proactive philosophy-James Grunig • Public info model of PR • 2-way asymmetrical model vs. 2-way symmetrical • Mutual understanding • Comm, dialogue-corp responsibility-PR as management function Trends in Today’s PR-feminization of field-ethnic/cultural diversity-role expansion-increased emphasis on evaluation-outsourcing...
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Week 2 - -Teddy Roosevelt-Ivy Lee-George Creel-Edward...

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