Week 5 - • Decision making buying products/services...

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Week5: Communications Goals -third step of PR process -Grunig’s objectives for a communicator are: 1) message exposure: to intended audience 2) accurate dissemination: message remains intact 3) acceptance: message retained and accepted as valid 4) attitude change: commitment to change behav 5) change in overt behav: can mean product purchase 5 Elements of Communication 1) encoder 2) message 3) channel 4) receiver 5) feedback Paying Attention to the Message Media Uses and Gratifications Theory states people use media for their own purposes: Surveillance: what’s going on? Entertainment: fun and diversion Reinforcement: of opinions and dispositions
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Unformatted text preview: • Decision making: buying products/services Writing for Clarity-use symbols, abbrevs and slogans-avoid jargon (trade or technical)-avoid clichés and hype words (stretch credibility)-avoid euphemisms (leaves room for misinterpretation)-avoid discriminatory language Five-Stage Adoption Process 1) awareness 2) interest 3) evaluation 4) trial 5) adoption Factors Influencing Message Adoption-relative advantage: over the idea-compatibility: consistent with values-complexity: ease to understand and use-trial-ability (???): ease to experience on small scale-observability: visible to others...
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Week 5 - • Decision making buying products/services...

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