DB WK 7 - You are to make at least two posts to the...

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Unformatted text preview: You are to make at least two posts to the discussion board ... By Wednesday evening, you are to have read the discussion board topic. Do some study and analysis of the subject, write and submit your response. After Wednesday, return to the discussion board, read responses from several of your classmates. Reply to at least one submission. Please understand that you are to put some time and thought into your response. A simple, "I agree with you" or "good post" is not adequate (See instructions to assignments for further guidance) 1. Discussion Board, Chapter 12 (From chapter nine with some modifications) You are the manager of a large production facility. The company produces electronic components for use in security systems, microwave equipment, complex calibrating/measuring devices. There are approximately 500 employees. The employee population is very diverse. Age range is 18 to 60+. There is a wide range of education and skill levels. Seniority ranges from a few months to thirty plus years. There is a high percentage of white males but a fair representation of minorities and women. White males dominate management positions. There are several divisions and department organized on the basis of functions performed. During the past five years production has been steadily declining. Product quality has also been declining, indicated by the increasing number of rejected parts by the quality control department. A management consulting group from Troy University College of Business has advised you that the conditions are contributing to the production and defect problems....
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DB WK 7 - You are to make at least two posts to the...

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