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TROY UNIVERSITY eCampus MGT 3371 Principles of Management COURSE SYLLABUS Term 1, 2010 For course syllabus posted prior to the beginning of the term, the instructor reserves the right to make minor changes prior to or during the term. The instructor will notify students, via e-mail or Blackboard announcement, when changes are made in the requirements and/or grading of the course. INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Name: Dr. Aaron Lucas Assistant Professor, Business Administration Address: Southeast Region Office Manchester Expressway Columbus, GA Phone: 706 685-5760 (office) 866 557-8608 (toll-free) 706-575-9414 (cell) E-mail: [email protected] Students: Please put course title in the subject line of any emails sent to the instructor INSTRUCTOR EDUCATION B.A., Faulkner University, 1966; B.A., Auburn University, 1966; M.Ed., Troy University, 1969; PhD, University of Alabama, 1972; MBA., Troy University, 1977. Teaching: Undergraduate business courses: Florida State University, Faulkner University and Troy University. Graduate education courses: University of Alabama. Graduate business courses: Troy University TEXTBOOK(S) AND/OR OTHER MATERIALS NEEDED REQUIRED : Robbins, Stephen & DeCenzo (2008). Fundamentals of Management. 6 th Ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Person/Prentice Hall ISBN: 978-0-13-600710-4 (paper) NOTE: TEXT BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE TROY BOOK SUPPLIER, MBS. IF YOU ELECT TO PURCHASE YOUR TEXT FROM SOME OTHER SOURCE AND IT DOES NOT ARRIVE ON TIME TO GET YOUR FIRST WEEKS WORK DONE, YOU WILL LOOSE THE CREDIT. NO EXCEPTIONS Students may purchase their textbooks anywhere they desire, but they must have their text the first week of class . Not having your book and not having the correct edition is not be an acceptable excuse for late work . Please do not request an extension of time for submitting Page 1 of 17 MGT 3371 Lucas
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assignments if you wait until the last day of registration to register and then wait until the first week to place your book order. By the time you get your text 25% of the course will have been completed. Students who add this course late should refer to the “Late Registration” section for further guidance. TROY’s official web site for textbook purchases is: http://direct.mbsbooks.com/tsu.htm . Click “buy” Select Southeast Region Select Ft. Benning Check your course(s), then click Submit And, shop from there! ADDITIONAL READINGS Required: N/A Recommended: Provided by instructor during term LATE REGISTRATION Students who register during the first week of the term, during late registration, will already be one week behind. Students who fall into this category are required to catch up with all of Week #1 work by FRIDAY of Week #2. No exceptions, since two weeks constitutes a significant percentage of the term's lessons. Students who do not feel they can meet this deadline should not enroll in the class. If they have registered, they should see their registrar, academic adviser, CTAM/eArmyU representative, or Military Education officer to discuss their options.
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