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Thomas Assignment week 5

Thomas Assignment week 5 - Jan Thomas MGT 3371 Lucas Week 5...

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Jan Thomas MGT 3371 Lucas September 12, 2010 Week 5 Chapter 8 Two people that I will identify since I am a homemaker and don’t have any real co workers are my husband and my sister. First I need to say that my husband is a very unique person. I really believe that he is a one of a kind person. In regards to the Myers-Briggs types, he is an extraversion and open to experience. He takes his work very seriously and does the best that he can to his ability. He does learn from his mistakes but will argue them. He is open to learning new things and adapts to new rules easily. He is very creative and had an imagination unlike any child I know. He is also very intelligent and knows it. He is a very out spoken person and will tell you like it is. My sister is completely the opposite of him. She is conscientious, agreeable, and emotionally stable. She has the patience of a social worker or a preschool teacher. She is very dedicated to her work and is a very efficient person.
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