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Thomas Assignment week 8

Thomas Assignment week 8 - Jan Thomas MGT 3371 Lucas Week 8...

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Jan Thomas MGT 3371 Lucas September 27, 2010 Week 8 Chapter 14 1. Define Operations Management and Value Chain Management. Operations management is dealing with the design, operation, and supply chain of a company. It starts with the inputs of people, technology, capital, equipment, materials and information and then transforms them into outputs of goods and services for customers. There are three reasons it is important to organizations and managers. These are that it encompasses the services and manufacturing in all of the organizations, it manages the productivity levels and it is a major part of the companies and organizations success. Value Chain Management is the process of managing the sequence of activities and information along the entire value chain. The main process is to lower costs and make the organization more productive. 2, You are the Vice President of Operations for a seafood restaurant chain with restaurants located in five Southeastern States. Profits have been declining for the past five years.
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