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Week 3 Assignment Overview

Week 3 Assignment Overview - one Why or why not 3 How might...

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Chapter five one page essay : Every organization’s long term goal is to “survive”. This means, producing a product/service that can be sold to an “end user” (customer) at a cost that is greater than its cost of production. Your essay assignment is to rank the six “Elements of Structure/Design” (pp. 124-134) in the order of their importance as to a managers success in leading an organization. After you have “prioritized” the elements, your essay should consist of a one page defense of you priorities, especially number 1 and number 6. Realize, there is no ONE CORRECT response. Chapter Five Discussion Questions: 1. How might a “mechanistic and/or an organic” structure relate to an organization’s strategy? 2. A “simple” structure is always better than a “bureaucratic”
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Unformatted text preview: one. Why or why not? 3. How might “organization culture” impact organizational structure? Chapter Six Discussion Questions: 1. Which step in the Strategic HR Management Process, if done well, has the greatest impact on the success of an organization? Defend your response. 2. Which is more important to the success of an organization, an effective recruitment and selection process or a training and development program that produces the desired skill level required of employees? Defend your selection. 3. Agree or disagree with the following statement and defend your selection. “ Performance Apprasial systems are worthless and are typically based on ‘who you know’ anyway”. I say just look at the “ bottom line” at the end of the year and reward everyone accordingly....
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