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Week 4 Assignment Overview

Week 4 Assignment Overview - Stress is divided into two...

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Wk4 Assign Ch7 MGT3371 Assignments for week 4, Chapter 7 1. Complete the assignment on pages 193/196, “DEVELOPING YOUR CHANGE- MANAGEMENT SKILLS”. Please be sure to include in your discussion the following: 1). What external and internal forces are at work influencing the need for change and 2). which “metaphor”, “calm waters” or “white water rapids” would likely fit this situation. 2. Write an essay responding to the "stress issue" and answer the two questions: a. Write a one paragraph essay response to the following statement:
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Unformatted text preview: Stress is divided into two areas, Personal and Organizational (job related). Causes of stress in the two areas are not related and should be dealt with separately. In other words, don’t bring your personal stress problems to work and don’t take your work stress issues home. b. Why do people resist change and what are at least two techniques for dealing with resistance to change. c. Discuss the three variables that stimulate innovation. Include in your response why Innovation and Creativity are important to the success of an organization....
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