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Essay, chapter 10 Your text presents two types of motivation theories (Early Theories p.267, Contemporary Theories p.270). The authors state the following, “…….early theories……are well known, they unfortunately have not held up well under close examination……”. Review both types carefully and write a one page essay on what the “early theories” were lacking and what the “contemporary theories” added to address the shortcomings of the early theories. Questions, Chapter 10 1. The text discusses “internal and external” motivation factors.
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Unformatted text preview: Which is most important in getting an acceptable level of performance from employees? Defend your answer. 2. The text presents five “contemporary issues” faced by managers in motivating employees. Which of the five presents the greatest challenge to managers? Defend your answer. Questions, Chapter 11 1. What is the difference between leadership and management 2. In your opinion, are leaders “born or made”? Explain your response 3. Explain what the “Managerial Grid” tells you about management styles....
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