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Chapter 12 Questions a. Would increasing the use of advances in “ communications technology” have a positive or negative impact on the problems you identified in the discussion board scenario. Defend your selection. b. What role might the “six suggestions” (pp. 336-337) for giving feedback play in improving the communications problems you identified in the discussion problem? Chapter 13 1. One page essay : Define control. Explain in your essay why “control” is critical to organizational success. 2. Questions a. How do managers go about determining what factors to control for and when control mechanism/s are necessary? Include in your answer how the “Acceptable Range of Variation” applies. b1. Review the five "Contingency Factors in the Design of Control Systems". (Exibit 13.6) (p.366). Reference the DB scenario for chapter 12. Identify where the company in the DB fits in
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Unformatted text preview: each of the finve variables. Which one of the five variables is mos likely to be a problem for the company management? You do not have to answer both b1 AND b2. You only have to answer ONE of them. I have provided the material as an attachment below for b1 (b1 is from the 6th.ed.). B2 is in the edition you should have, the 7th) b2. Review the four Popular Financial Ratios" (Exhibit 13.6) (p.360) Reference the Discussion Board scenario for chapter 12. StuIdy the four financial ratios carefully. Select the two ratios, from among the four, that you consider most important to the long term success of the Company in the Ch 12 DB. You must defend your selections. c. Is organizational control different for entrepreneurs than traditional managers? How so?...
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