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Chapter 14 Operations Management 1. Define Operations Management and Value Chain Management. 2, You are the Vice President of Operations for a seafood restaurant chain with restaurants located in five Southeastern States. Profits have been declining for the past five years. You are a big believer in carefully managing your companies’ “supply chain”. You are making a presentation to the Executive Management of your company in a few days. You will have to use your imagination to respond to this assignment. List the elements in the “value chain” for the company. Discuss at least two elements in the chain
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Unformatted text preview: that you will recommend changing/restructuring that will improve the “bottom line”. Please understand that each step in the companies’ value chain has its own unique costs. For example, acquisition costs of raw materials can be identified and distinguished from facilities or marketing. As you analyze your value chain, you probably need to ask the question, “Are my food suppliers providing me the most economical and quality products”? Remember the total cost of ALL the steps in the value chain MUST be less than the price the customer is willing to pay....
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