wk 1,3,5,6 qz, midterm, ch 1-19 extra

wk 1,3,5,6 qz, midterm, ch 1-19 extra - Take Test: Quiz one...

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Unformatted text preview: Take Test: Quiz one Wk one Ch 1 and 2 Question 1 All organizations develop a structure that defines and limits the behavior of members of the organization. True Question 2 Managers need to adapt to cultures, systems, and techniques that are different from their own to succeed in today's global village. True Question 3 Division manager is associated with which of the following levels of management? middle managers Question 4 Which of the following statements regarding managers in today's world is accurate? There is no set age range; managers may be younger than 18 or older than 80. Question 5 International businesses have been around since about what date? the nineteenth century Question 6 In an attempt to be more aggressive, a company might export and import more. These steps usually require ________. minimal investment and minimal risk Question 7 Resource allocation and disturbance handling are both considered decisional roles. True Question 8 An e-organization's whole existence is made possible by and revolves around the Internet. False Question 9 A domestic firm and a foreign firm sharing the cost of developing new products or building production facilities in a foreign country is called a ________. joint venture Question 10 Managers with an ethnocentric attitude believed that their business practices were best and did not consider that people in other countries had different values, morals, and customs. True 1 Question 11 Because profit, or the "bottom line," is not the measure of success of not-for-profit organizations, managers of charitable organizations do not have to concern themselves with the financial aspects of their organizations. False Question 12 The lowest level of management is ________. a first-line manager Question 13 Wasting resources is considered to be an example of managerial ________. inefficienc y Question 15 American managers once suffered from a parochial view of the business world. True Question 18 Which of the following is usually found in the final stage of an organization's global evolution? establishing strategic alliances with partners Question 20 While there may be differences in degree and emphasis, the same management processes are completed by owners of small businesses and CEOs of major corporations. True Question 21 Which of the following types of managers is responsible for making organization-wide decisions and establishing the plans and goals that affect the entire organization? top managers Question 26 Joint ventures are a type of ________. strategic alliance Question 27 An organization is ________. a deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose Question 28 Multinational corporations became commonplace in the mid-1960s....
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wk 1,3,5,6 qz, midterm, ch 1-19 extra - Take Test: Quiz one...

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