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1 How might you use this material in the future? Think about how you anticipate using the material you learn in this course in the real world. Share those thoughts with the rest of us. I am hoping to incorporate what I learn from this class in my husband’s business once he retires. He wants to run a dive shop and I plan on helping him run it. This means that I need to learn all that I can about running and managing a company. I am a very organized person and I am hoping that this course can help to make me better at it. I also hope to work on my patience and understanding. Jan Thomas Author: Alan Campbell I plan to utilize the material I learn from this course to better my management skills as
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Unformatted text preview: well as brain storm various avenues on cost saving measures that I might be able to incorporate for the company I work for. Utilizing lessons learned in this operational management course will hopefully further my standing in the organization as well as improve upon operational processes within my department. The case studies provided in the text, help illustrate how the creative thought process (along with SWOT) helped companies/businesses gain a competitive advantage in the market place, and by using insights gleamed from their endeavors, I hope to improve work processes....
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