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2 What problems might you encounter this term? We all have personal lives to conduct. Our lives are increasingly demanding upon our time. I believe that our Distance Learning program offers unique opportunities for students to manage and balance their limited time. You have all heard my blanket statement that the #1 reason students do poorly I my class is that they fall behind and never catch up. What new challenges do you anticipate this term which might impact your ability to commit the required amount of time to this course? How will you manage your time accordingly? One of the challenges that I may face during this term is my internet connection and power. They are building new homes in my culdesac and have a tendency
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Unformatted text preview: to cut off the power when I take quizzes or am doing assignments. This was a big problem last term. I had to do most of my work on Sundays just to make sure I didn’t get disconnected. Other than that I do not anticipate any issues unless it’s an emergency. I do all my classes online and with my 3 kids in school I do most of my work during the day since I am a stay at home mom. When the kids get home its time for them to their school work and eat so I don’t usually do anything related to me after 4 pm. To make sure I post enough to my boards I usually post 3 different days a week. This ensures that I have enough posts for maximum credit. Jan Thomas...
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