mythpaper1 - Living atop the highest Coconut Palm Tree are...

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Living atop the highest Coconut Palm Tree are the many gods of Kona Town . Living on the highest of the palm fronds was Aouli, sky god and creator of the world. Also living on this highest palm frond was Aina, wife of Aouli and earth goddess. Together, along with the other gods of Kona Town, they lived very happily, often looking down upon the world while drinking pina coladas made from the coconut milk from their sacred tree. Although Aouli was known as a very hands-off King of the gods, he often transcended down to Earth taking human form in doing so and becoming rather hands-on with many of the most beautiful human women. As with most gods, Aouli’s children often became powerful beyond average humanly strength and wit. Unfortunately for Aouli and the other gods, this trend of transcendence combined with godly fertility eventually started to become the downfall of mankind. As the gods mated with the human women, more and more half-god children were born, each eventually becoming more arrogant and power hungry than the last. Eventually, one of Aouli’s sons, Kekoa became King of the human world. At first, Kekoa was a fair King, using his extra knowledge to make the world a better place. But eventually, just as the rest of the gods’ human sons before him, his knowledge led him to become extremely power hungry. Thriving more and more on controlling the people of the world. Many times during Kekoa’s reign as King did the gods look down onto the Earth and see that although Kekoa was upholding his bond with the gods by offering sacrifices and praying to each god appropriately, he was beginning to think of himself as more of a god than a human. This was a huge problem for the gods, for no human should be or even believe himself to be equal in grandeur to the gods. Although they argued and tried desperately to warn Aouli of his son’s ever growing arrogance and disregard to the goal of the gods, but he refused to listen.
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mythpaper1 - Living atop the highest Coconut Palm Tree are...

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