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Cormac McCarthy’s novel Child of God takes readers deep into the mind of a sociopathic outcast of Sevier County, Tennessee in the late 1800’s. There are many personality attributes that the protagonist, Lester Ballard holds both positive and negative. Although Lester seems to be wildly unique, when reading Child of God , it is easy to be intrigued by his character and to become curious as to how McCarthy could create such a personality. Did McCarthy have a real-life inspiration when creating this character? Or was Lester Ballard simply a figment of McCarthy’s imagination? There are many indications in history that Ballard could be based, at least partially off of Edward Gein, a serial killer and murderer who committed many crimes in the 1940s and 1950s. Most of which are quite similar to those of Lester Ballard. Lester Ballard, although a disturbing character, is quite complex. He is a “twenty-seven-year-old white native of Frog Mountain in Appalachian Sevier County, Tennessee: a cursing, spitting, vengeful, homicidal, necrophilic sociopath”(Bartlett). All of these adjectives give a clear view of Ballard’s personality. He is scattered and unkempt, obsessive and even impulsive but that is what molds him into the definably sociopathic person that he is. Throughout much of the novel, it is made clear that Ballard is an outcast and doesn’t get along with many people if anyone at all. It is also shown that Ballard has an obsession with women and sexual fantasy. He is
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researchppr - Cormac McCarthys novel Child of God takes...

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