Executive Summary - Executive Summary Red Robin Gourmet...

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Executive Summary Red Robin Gourmet Burger is a casual dining restaurant with locations across the U.S. The restaurant thrives when its customers are served promptly. In order, to offer customers a high speed dining experience, we are planning to introduce virtual menus. Problem Statement A major problem with dining at Red Robin includes human error with handling menu orders the traditional way. Customers complain about a very slow speed of service and with the offerings a customer chooses from on the menu. Red Robin customers desire to know all of the menu offerings in a faster fashion. Keeping customers happy is vital for Red Robin. Without a great deal of emphasis on customer relationships, the restaurant will fail to earn sales. Repeat sales will decline and overall earning will also decrease. Spending money on servers to re-train them for faster service will increase costs to Red Robin restaurant owners. Focusing only human resources, training employees, and labor will prevent the restaurants from being profitable. As a stakeholder, the restaurant owners need a way
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Executive Summary - Executive Summary Red Robin Gourmet...

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