Chapter 6 7 8 Exam - Hawkins 1 1. Define culture and use...

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Hawkins 1 1. Define culture and use examples to illustrate its relevance to leadership. There are many differences that can occur when people work together and culture can have an effect on theses differences. Culture can be defined as those learned behaviors characterizing the total way of life for members in a given society. Culture often centers on beliefs, and frequently differs from individual to individual or from group to group. With leadership, culture is important since people are often encountering different ethical dilemmas and situations, simultaneously, as they are working together. It is through a leader that many impediments to working together, or through cultural differences, may be seen more positively. Thus, culture is relevant to leadership because a leader must possess the ability to keep followers and sustain many values. For example, AOL is an American company that has moved some of its IT jobs to India. This kind of a move takes training, and training involves a great understanding of strategic human resources. It took the leaders within AOL to motivate and inspire employees in India in order for the move to be successful. 2. There is a distinct connection between a person’s leadership and values. Describe what impact “individual values” may have on leadership. Values are important to leadership since they can determine the way in which an individual can impact followers. One’s individual values are what tell the differences between right and wrong. Individual values impact the way in which the leader fits into the organization. A CEO for a company must possess the ability, knowledge, skills, and
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Chapter 6 7 8 Exam - Hawkins 1 1. Define culture and use...

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