Assignment Jim Crows Laws Paper

Assignment Jim Crows Laws Paper - Jim Crows Laws Paper HIS/...

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Jim Crows Laws Paper HIS/ 125 William Shepardson
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Jim Crow laws, various laws introduced to promote racial segregation primarily in the Southern states between 1877 and mid-1960’s, represented “the legitimization of anti-Black racism” (Pilgrim, 2000). Jim Crow laws represent a dark era of American history in which African American citizens were publicly, blatantly, and unapologetically disenfranchised in all areas of American society to include dining, voting , showing affection in public, shaking the hand of a White, riding in the same car with a White person or person lighting the cigarette for a White person. Pilgrim, (2000). Jim Crow Laws emerged as a result of political ambitiousness seeking to limit voters in which they felt would limit their election. For example, in the State of Mississippi a new state constitution required new voters to not only pay a poll tax but also required those new voters to pass a literacy test. Legislators sought to disallow not only African Americans their right to vote in public elections, but also poor whites as they were likely to vote for opposition parties. Tactics such as this are A-typical of Jim Crow Laws of the past. Although “free” Jim Crow Laws severely segregated and disenfranchised African Americas. Segregation of public water fountains, public transportation, facilities and dining halls were all A-typical segregated areas federally mandated
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Assignment Jim Crows Laws Paper - Jim Crows Laws Paper HIS/...

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