Week 2 DQ1 and 2 - Week 2 DQ 1 How were the American Indian...

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Week 2 DQ 1 How were the American Indian people affected by the mass movement of White pioneers to the West? How did the Dawes Act of 1887 affect American Indian land and people? Katja’s Response: At the time of the mass movement American Indians lived in hunter or farmer societies which carried significant differences to the values of European colonists. Different cultures and shifting alliances between different nations caused misunderstandings and lasting conflicts. The westward movement of the Whites forced American Indians to resettle further West. After the Removal Act of 1830 which was authorized by President Jackson, American Indians were relocated in the West. Due to the Indian removal policy, conflicts between Indian tribes and U. S. forces broke out. The colonization of the White pioneers to the West almost eliminated the population and culture of the American Indians. The Dawes Act of 1887 converted all Indian tribal lands into individual ownerships with certain restrictions in order to assimilate American Indians into the culture of the Whites. Reformers saw the Indian culture as an obstacle to meaningful citizenship and wanted to bring life in reservations to an end. As a result, Indian Rights Associations were established all over the country. Because of the Dawes Act, Indian tribes lost legal standing. When giving up tribal holdings, American Indians gained American citizenship and would receive individual land grants. Overall, the Dawes Act suppressed tribal life, did little for the acceptance of American Indians in society and severely reduced American Indian holdings. Please reply to her: Sharon’s Response: Many Indians were forced to the West because of the American settlers. After the American settlers conquered the West, the Indians lost their land and homes. The American government launched a reservation policy under which tried to restrict the Indians to designated areas; allowing the settlers to take over the rest of the land. Clashes between protesting Indians and the United States Army were frequent as in the
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Week 2 DQ1 and 2 - Week 2 DQ 1 How were the American Indian...

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