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Paper 1: Psychology is Fun!- Article Report Due March 28th, 2010 Here we are at Paper No. 1. The goal of this paper is to allow you explore an area of psychology that you find intriguing. Note: It is encouraged that you visit the Writing Center and have one of the counselors there edit your paper prior to the due date. I say this because organization, grammar and formatting as well as flow and cohesion will be taken into account during grading. The writing center is very helpful… I even have empirical evidence to back this claim! You can find information on where and how to set up an appointment with the writing on their website which is provided here. Paper Guidelines Choose a topic in psychology that you find interesting (e.g. schizophrenia, happiness, discrimination, memory, etc.). (5 points) Describe the topic you find interesting.
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Unformatted text preview: • Explain why you find this topic interesting. – Find 2 Journal Articles in PsycInfo database ( 20 points) (go to , select databases, and then select PsycInfo database (1987 – present) from the drop down menu). • Complete the SLU library tutorials (if needed) • Summarize their findings (for each article) • Background or rationale • Hypotheses • Methodology (e.g. what did the participants do?) • Results • Discussion and Implications (e.g., what do those findings mean?) – Integrate both articles together. ( 10 points) • Overall, what are they saying about your topic? • What do you personally find interesting regarding their research? • Did you find out anything new, or contrary to your beliefs? – Organization, Grammar, Formatting (1 5 points, 5 points each)...
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