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MGT - Mini_Case_Overview_for_eBay_Inc

MGT - Mini_Case_Overview_for_eBay_Inc - Mini Case Overview...

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Mini Case Overview for eBay Inc. With the information provided in the mini case we will determine and evaluate the current strategies and recommend a three-year plan for the company. The information provided includes internal and external data related to the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Some of the important opportunities include things like trading across a broad range of industries and business models, Increasing growth of online retail sales, Growth opportunities in global markets in many of eBay’s business lines, and also the Expected 5.5% annual growth of the world communications market with U.S. web conferencing expectations. A few important threats include potential security breaches, the Growing threat of Amazon, and the strong online and offline competition across all eBay’s business industries. The strengths in the mini case involve things like eBay’s global presence in 39 markets with 86.3 million active global users in 2008. Other strengths include its lower
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