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MGTB-400 Project Presentation Evaluation Team ________ The team is graded as a unit Presentation Quality 1. Quality of the oral presentation Were the points and issues clearly and concisely communicated in a professional manner? Poor: There were inconsistencies in the presentation; the issues were not clearly defined; the delivery was ineffective. 1 2 Fair: The key points were effectively communicated; the oral communications met a minimum standard. 3 4 5 Good: The key points were clear and concisely presented; the oral communication was above average. 6 7 8 Excellent: Communication was highly effective; issues were clearly defined; method of delivery was professional. 9 10 2. Quality of the visual and supporting aids Were they clearly presented and easily interpretable? Poor: The use of visual aids was weak; the information presented was disorganized and or unclear in communication. 1 2 Fair: The use of visual aids supported the presentation; some material was too dense and diminished presentation effectiveness. 3 4 5 Good: Clear and effective use of supporting visual aids; the material complimented the oral presentation. 6
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400_Project_Presentation_Evaluation_-assessment_rubric_1_ -...

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