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MGTB-400 Team Project Guidelines The approach to be taken for the case is to be based on the guidelines in the text and discussed in class. The team presentation should be from the perspective that you are presenting to the Board of Directors seeking support for your strategic recommendation(s). The presentation can be conducted by the team or selected members of the team. My preference is that each member of the team be part of the presentation. Be prepared to answer questions after the presentation. The team will have twenty minutes for the presentation and the Q&A. The written case is to be turned in after the presentation. The written case will be 20-25 pages, double-spaced, with an index. The team may use any of the analytical techniques discussed in class. The suggested case outline is: 1. Company overview 2. Company financial profile 3. Vision / mission 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Identification of opportunities and threats. 5. An EFE matrix 6. A CPM matrix 7. Identification of strengths and weaknesses 8. An IFE matrix 9. A TOWS matrix, A SPACE matrix, and a Grand Strategy matrix 10. A QSPM (Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix) 11. Identification of specific long-term objectives. 12. Recommendation and justification of your strategy. 13. Summary recommendations for implementation. 14. A summary of the review and evaluation process for your strategy. The team should use Porter’s Value Chain Analysis and the Five Forces when analyzing the case. The instructor is available as a ‘consultant.’ The team leader can contact the instructor to schedule any consultation request. The cases cover multiple industries. Cases are as of a point in time. Case information should be updated as needed with current information and data....
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