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Example Exam and Format MGTB-400-05 Strategic Management and Policy Name ________________________________________ Page 1 Introduction 1. __________ percent of Americans think the Internet will change society more than the telephone and television combined. a. 91 b. 74 c. 37 d. 56 e. 100 Benefits of Strategic Management 2. To what do strategists of low-performing organizations often attribute their firm's weak performance? a. Poor economy b. Technological change c. Foreign competition d. Paperwork deadlines e. All of the above Why Some Firms Do No Strategic Planning 3. __________ is not a reason for poor or no strategic planning in organizations. a. Wasting of time b. Being content with success c. Fire-fighting d. Poor reward structure e. Inexpensiveness What Is Strategic Management? 4. __________ is not a strategy-implementation activity. a. Taking corrective actions b. Establishing annual objectives c. Devising policies d. Allocating resources Components of a Mission Statement 5. Which of the following phrases would not be appropriate to include in a university mission statement? a. To provide programs of instruction, research and public service b. To help people understand the great changes taking place in society c. To contribute to the solution of the social, scientific and technical problems of society d. To apply for more government grants
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Page 2 Characteristics of a Mission Statement 6. During strategy __________, corporate social policy should be designed and articulated. a. implementation b. formulation c. evaluation d. control What Is Our Business? 7. __________ is referred to as "the father of modern management." a. Deming b. Peters c. Drucker d. McGinnis Political, Governmental and Legal Forces 8. Which of the following is not a political or governmental variable? a. Special tariffs b. Import-export regulations c. Attitudes toward authority d. Lobbying activities e. Foreign elections 9. An example of a political trend is a. increased levels of education. b. tariffs and patents.
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example_exam_400_mid-term - Example Exam and Format...

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