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HIST - midterm study guide

HIST - midterm study guide - History 112-03 Midterm...

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History 112-03 Midterm Examination Study Guide Monday, October 11, 2010 Part I: Map (10 points) You will match names of cities or countries to numbers on a map. There will be 10 names to match to locations. Each name will be worth one point. Part II: Identifications (40 points) You are to briefly identify five out of a possible eight persons, movements, or ideas. Your answer must explain the importance of the term to our class material and include details that separate the term from other similar terms. Simply saying that John Calvin was a protestant theologian does not separate him from other protestant theologians, for example. I will grade only your first five responses. Each ID will be worth 8 points. Part III: Essay (50 points) You will write one essay. This will be an argumentative essay and should be constructed in complete sentences and full paragraphs. It should have a thesis statement. You should make use of lecture notes and discussions as well as whatever readings may be applicable. Of the following four questions, I will choose two for the examination. You will then have the choice of
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