201 Section 102 Fall 2009-2010

201 Section 102 Fall 2009-2010 - CourseNumber:Spanish201...

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Course Number:   Spanish 201 Section:   102       Place:   McGaw 142 Title : ADVANCED GRAMMAR AND COMMUNICATION Course ID:   005762                  Class Number:  16241 Term:   0825   2009-2010 Autumn Time :  TTh 8:00-9:30 Instructor :  Professor Beltrán-Vocal Office :   McGaw 305                 Phone :  (773)325-7000 ext. 51866 Office hours :  TTh 10:00-11:00, Friday 1:00-2:00    and by appointment TEXTS: 1) Wegmann, Brenda, et al. Perspectivas . Octava Edición. Boston: Heinle, 2010. 2) McVey Gill, Mary, et al. Cinema for Spanish Conversation . 2d ed. Newburyport, MA: Focus, 2006. 3) "Manual de gramática para Español 201" (This grammar manual is available on Blackboard. I recommend that you print it all out and keep it all together in a three- ring binder.) COURSE DESCRIPTION : In this class students will work toward improving their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Spanish at the advanced level as they explore various topics related to the history and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. We will also focus on four major grammar points that typically cause difficulty for students of Spanish as a foreign language: the distinction between ser and estar , verb tense, verb aspect (preterite/imperfect), and verb mood (indicative/subjunctive). There will be several assigned readings and films, short writing assignments, compositions, written exams, and an oral exam. EXPECTATIONS: 1) Attendance and Participation . You must come to class prepared, following the program of study. If you do not come prepared, you will not receive full credit for participation. En esta clase se requiere que los estudiantes hablen siempre en español. In addition, everyone will need to participate in two of the four pre-class discussions on blackboard. (See #2 below.) For every class you will receive a participation grade: 3=good preparation and participation. 2=some preparation and/or participation. 1=poor preparation or participation. 0=absent In order to receive three points for a given class, you must: 1) arrive on time and stay for the whole session, 2) demonstrate that you have done the assigned readings and exercises for that day, 3) participate in discussions and other activities, and 4) speak Spanish the whole time. We will occasionally translate sentences into English and compare English and Spanish vocabulary and structures, but everything else will be in Spanish.
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2 2) Blackboard discussion . For each film there will be an open forum on blackboard for a preliminary discussion before class. Each student will need to participate in at least two of these four pre-class discussions, though you can help your participation grade by participating in more than two (so long as your comments are thoughtful or thought provoking). You can make brief or lengthy comments about the reading or film, or simply ask a relevant question. 3) Two compositions
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201 Section 102 Fall 2009-2010 - CourseNumber:Spanish201...

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