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Unformatted text preview: What do you say about What do you say about communicating your emotions? Workbook Exercise 7.2 Workbook Exercise 7.2 Answer #2,3,5,6,7 and 9 Compare your answers to your group What conclusions do you draw? Framing Rules Framing Rules Culturally based guidelines that define the emotional meanings of situations and events Feeling Rules Feeling Rules Culturally based guidelines that tell what we have a right to feel or are expected to feel in specific situations Emotion Work Emotion Work feel Effort invested to make ourselves and to not feel what our culture defines as inappropriate in particular situations Effort invested to make ourselves feel what our culture defines as appropriate What is Emotional Intelligence? What is Emotional Intelligence? Listening & Emotional Listening & Emotional Response Exercise Get a partner and take turns being the person with the roommate problem Perceptual View Perceptual View (Appraisal Theory) The meaning we give external events leads to what emotion we feel External event Perception of event ­­­ I should be ­­­ Interpreted emotion Physiological response Cognitive Labeling Cognitive Labeling How we label the physiological response identifies the emotion we feel. External event Physiological response Emotion Label for response ­­­ this feels like Organismic View Organismic View EARLY THEORY We experience emotion when external stimuli cause physiological changes in us. Stimulus Emotion Physiological response Barriers to Communicating Barriers to Communicating Emotions Express Emotions Effectively Express Emotions Effectively Avoid: Abstract statements Counterfeit emotional language Take responsibility for our emotions ...
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  • Burnett
  • Appraisal theory, physiological response, organismic view, Culturally based guidelines, Emotion Work  Emotion

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