Syllabus CMN102 SMR09

Syllabus CMN102 SMR09 - CMN 102 / ART 179 INTRO TO MASS...

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CMN 102 / ART 179 – INTRO TO MASS COMMUNICATION Summer II Session 2009 Meets on the Lincoln Park Campus, Levan Center 301, TR 1:30-4:45 Instructor: Erik Peterson, no office this summer! email: [email protected] Office Hours: by appointment only… generally available before class Course note : This is the same course previously listed as CMN 346 and ART 379. Students will NOT receive University credit for this course if you successfully completed either CMN 346 or ART 379. Course description : This course offers students a broad overview of the mass media (print, film, video, recorded music, radio, television and the internet) with a particular focus on how these media impact our everyday lives. Students will develop critical frameworks for understanding how power operates across the media spheres of production, circulation, representation and reception. Attention is placed on how the social categories of race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age and nationality inform each of these media spheres. The course also considers how recent developments in digital technologies, media convergence and globalization have transformed our media culture. Required reading : Vivian, John (2009). The Media of Mass Communication, 9 th edition. Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 978-0-205-63254-8. Additional readings and handouts will be available on Blackboard and/or passed out in class. Course expectations : The expectations are that students will gain an introductory knowledge of various aspects of mass communication. My expectations for the students are fairly simple: be responsible for your own education and obligations, communicate with the Instructor if/when you have questions or need clarifications on course materials or assignments, and engage yourself in the material with an open mind. I have been described by some as a tough grader/teacher. For students unwilling to actively learn the material, this is probably true. Students who intelligently and actively engage with the course don’t find this to be the case. You can view previous student course evaluations on the Blackboard course site. COURSE POLICIES Attendance : Attendance will be recorded twice each class period (before and after the break in the class… each day of class will have two sessions). It is the student’s responsibility to sign the attendance sheet each class session. Students should be aware that signing another student’s name to the attendance sheet constitutes plagiarism and will be dealt with accordingly. Attendance and participation are incorporated into the student’s grade (see below). Students who are not present and do not have an excused absence will lose points. Students who are late may lose the opportunity to sign the attendance sheet for that class session, based on how late they are and how repetitive the issue of tardiness becomes. Students who are absent four or more sessions should consider dropping the course and may be subject to a failing grade. Students who have an excused absence will have the absence removed from their tally and will be
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This note was uploaded on 04/26/2011 for the course CMN 102 taught by Professor Peterson during the Summer '09 term at DePaul.

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Syllabus CMN102 SMR09 - CMN 102 / ART 179 INTRO TO MASS...

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