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PR/AD255 : Fall 2009 Public Relations Principles INSTRUCTOR: Sora Kim, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, College of Communication OFFICE: Loop Office: 14E Jackson Blvd. 18 th Floor, #1823, Lincoln Park Office: SAC587 PHONE: 312-362-6003 (Office) EMAIL: CLASS LOCATION & TIME: Levan Center 504, M/W, 2:40 PM~4:10 PM OFFICE HOURS: Mondays 4:10PM~5:50PM, or by appointment Course Description The purpose of the Public Relations Principles course is to provide a general overview of the practices of public relations and to provide exposure to a number of selected topics in the field of public relations such as history, law, ethics, and the international nature of public relations. This will serve as an introductory course for pursuing the major. The course will provide a comprehensive understanding of public relations’ role in organizations and society; how public relations has been developed as a discipline; and the contemporary roles of public relations in organizations and society. Basic public relations principles and theories will be examined in addition to applied perspectives. Students will discuss public relations issues and trends as well as international and ethical considerations involved in the practice of public relations. Students will be encouraged to think more broadly considering the globalized communication function of public relations and having their own ideas about public relations through the discussion of misunderstandings and misperceptions about the field of public relations. Required Text Wilcox, D. L., Cameron, G. T., Ault, P. H., & Agee, W. K. (2005). Public relations: Strategies and tactics (8 th edition or new 9 th edition). Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. Specific Course Objectives To gain a historical perspective of the public relations discipline To gain an understanding of the theories, principles, and practice in public relations To gain international perspectives for the practice of public relations To evaluate the role and functions of public relations in organizations in order to serve different goals of the organizations To understand the goal, research, development, implementation, and evaluation of public relations To gain insight into certain roles of the career 1
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PRAD255_Fall2009 - PR/AD255 : Fall 2009 Public Relations...

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