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Practice Quiz for Midterm

Practice Quiz for Midterm - Practice Quiz for Midterm(Ch...

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Practice Quiz for Midterm (Ch. 1-4): Choose the BEST answer for each question: 1. Empirical evidence a. is data or evidence that can be tied to something that can be seen, touched, smelled, heard, etc. b. is always easily collected c. never needs to be documented d. does not need to be collected systematically. 2. Basic (or pure) research increases general knowledge and a. its usefulness is usually immediately apparent b. requires that the researcher purchase special equipment c. the researchers are activist and interventionist oriented, solving immediate problems d. is the source of most new scientific ideas. 3. Quantitative research a. is also called "survey research" b. does not follow the logic in natural science research c. requires a well-defined research question before collecting data d. has nothing to do with science.
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  • Winter '10
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  • dependent variable C., independent variable b., quantitative variable d., Quantitative research a., science research c.

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