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DP.GenSoc.Syllabus9.09 - LSP 200 Sophomore Seminar on...

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LSP 200: Sophomore Seminar on Multiculturalism: Gender and Society , Mon/Wed 10:10-11:40, DePaul University, Fall 2009 Dr. Kate Webster: [email protected] Office Hours: M/W 9:00-10:00a.m., Loop 1656 by email appointment C OURSE D ESCRIPTION In Gender and Society, a Sophomore seminar on Multiculturalism in the US, we will examine issues of gender along a broad sociological spectrum as expressed in the media, body image, identity, education, the economy, health, religion, and violence. In addition, the class will have both a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural approach exploring experiences of men and women from a range of class, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Central to the course is its invitation to learn and think critically about the intersectionality of gender, race, ethnicity, and class as its foundation. R EQUIRED T EXT B OOKS : Renzetti, M. and Curran, D. 2006. Women, Men, and Society, 5 th edition . Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon Publishing. Disch, E. 2009. Reconstructing Gender: A Multicultural Anthology, 5 th edition . New York, NY: McGraw Hill Co. Valenti, J. 2007. Full Frontal Feminism . Emeryville, CA: Seal Press. C OURSE R EQUIREMENTS Students in sophomore seminars are expected to practice “seminar behavior” which includes class discussions, active listening, and active participation. Classes will involve a combination of lecture, discussion, group exercises, written work, and films. Class requirements include: class attendance and participation in class discussions, leading one discussion session, a passing grade on a mid-term, a paper proposal and final paper, and a final exam. Class participation/discussion leader 15% Mid-Term 20% Paper Proposal 15% Final Paper 30% Final Presentations 20% 1- Class Attendance and Participation Weekly attendance and participation in class lectures and discussions is a vital part of your grade in this course. Unexcused absences of two or more will reduce your final grade by ½ a letter grade. Excused absences require an email with a statement of missing class and/or late paper. You will be expected to have read the assigned readings BEFORE the first class of the week and to actively participate in discussions. 1
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2-Discussion Leader You will select one week’s theme (see syllabus below) and write two discussion questions on your selected theme of Gender and Society. o These questions must be emailed to me the Friday before the Monday class you have selected. o You will be expected to use your question to engage students in a discussion of your topic of interest. o To write an effective discussion question, first summarize and/or define in 2-3 sentences your gender and society theme as expressed in one of the readings of your choice, then ask your question that connects to your summary. o Please make sure to address the main point of the reading —how does the reading relate to the overall theme of the week?
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DP.GenSoc.Syllabus9.09 - LSP 200 Sophomore Seminar on...

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