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Management & Organizational Behavior Test #1 - Chapters 1-4 (Daft) Chapter 1 4 management functions Exhibit 1.1 effectiveness/efficiency 3 management skills Exhibit 1.2 types of managers top/middle/first-line project manager horizontal functional manager line/staff general manager Exhibit 1.3 Exhibit 1.4 manager roles – Mintzberg Exhibit 1.5 Exhibit 1.7 Chapter 2 social/political/economic forces scientific management – F.W. Taylor Exhibit 2.2 bureaucratic organizations/theory – Weber Exhibit 2.3 administrative principles/theory – Fayol unity of command division of labor unity of direction scalar chain Chester Barnard – informal organizations humanistic perspective Hawthorne studies McGregor – Theory X & Theory Y Exhibit 2.4 management science perspective/theory systems theory
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Unformatted text preview: synergy open system/closed system Exhibit 2.5 contingency view/theory total quality management (TQM) – Deming customer relationship management (CRM) Chapter 3 general environment task environment internal environment Exhibit 3.1 uncertainty boundary-spanning roles interorganizational partnerships mergers joint ventures culture Exhibit 3.5 types of cultures Exhibit 3.7 cultural leader Chapter 4 Exhibit 4.2 exporting/importing outsourcing licensing/franchising strategic alliances joint ventures foreign subsidiary international business environment Exhibit 4.3 economic infrastructure legal-political political risk sociocultural culture Hofstede’s value dimensions ethnocentrism International Trade Alliances NAFTA multinational corporation cultural intelligence (CQ) culture shock...
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