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Management & Organizational Behavior Test #2 - Chapters 5-7 (Daft) Chapter 5 ethics Exhibit 5.1 moral agent utilitarian approach individualism approach moral-rights approach justice approach distributive/procedural/compensatory corporate social responsibility social responsibility classical view/socioeconomic view stakeholder BOP concept sustainability Exhibit 5.5 code of ethics Exhibit 5.6 ethical structures social obligation - notes social responsiveness - notes social responsibility – notes Chapter 6 goal plan/planning Exhibit 6.1 Exhibit 6.2 mission statement strategic goals/plans tactical goals/plans operational goals/plans strategy map - Exhibit 6.4 MBO – Exhibit 6.6
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Unformatted text preview: types of plans long-term/short-term specific/directional standing/single-use contingency/scenario planning traditional/high-performance planning stretch goal intelligence team Chapter 7 strategy competitive advantage core competence levels of strategy - Exhibit 7.1 Strategic Management Process - Exhibit 7.2 strategy formulation/execution SWOT portfolio strategy BCG Matrix - Exhibit 7.4 SBUs diversification concentrated strategy vertical integration strategy backward/forward related/unrelated diversification strategy Porters 5 competitive forces - Exhibit 7.5 differentiation/cost leadership/focus globalization multidomestic strategy transnational strategy Exhibit 7.8...
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