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Study Guide 3 - formalization notes departmentalization –...

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Management & Organizational Behavior Test #3 - Chapters 8-10 (Daft) Chapter 8 decision/decision making programmed/nonprogrammed decision certainty/uncertainty/risk/ambiguity Exhibit 8.1 classical model – decision making normative administrative model – decision making bounded rationality satisficing intuition political model – decision making coalition Exhibit 8.2 decision-making steps - Exhibit 8.3 brainstorming/electronic brainstorming devil’s advocate/point-counterpoint group think escalating commitment Chapter 9 organizing organizational structure organizational chart – Exhibit 9.1 work specialization/division of labor chain of command unity of command authority line/staff departments line/staff authority span of control centralization/decentralization
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Unformatted text preview: formalization - notes departmentalization – Exhibits 9.4-9.5-9.6 functional approach divisional/product approach geographic-based customer-based matrix Exhibit 9.9 task force cross-functional teams project manager reengineering mechanistic/organic structure Chapter 10 organizational change ambidextrous approach product/technology change exploration/cooperation/entrepreneurship Exhibit 10.1 creativity idea incubator horizontal linkage model – Exhibit 10.4 fast-cycle team open innovation idea champion new-venture team/skunkworks new-venture fund Exhibit 10.5 people/culture change organizational development (OD) OD Steps change agent performance gap force-field analysis Implementation Tactics ethnocentrism...
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