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Study guide 5 - Effective Team Leadership Types of Teams Team Characteristics interdependence – 3 kinds Member Roles Chapter 17(cont Stages of

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Management & Organizational Behavior Test #5 - Chapters 15-19 (Daft) Chapter 15 motivation intrinsic/extrinsic motivation/rewards content/process theories Maslow – Hierarchy of Needs – Exhibit 15.2 Alderfer – ERG model Herzberg – two-factor theory – Exhibit 15.4 McClelland – acquired needs goal-setting theory equity theory expectancy theory reinforcement theory - Exhibit 15.6 job design job simplification/rotation/enlargement/enrichment Job Characteristics Model – Exhibit 15.8 empowerment – Exhibit 15.10 Chapter 16 strategic conversation – Exhibit 16.1 communication The Communication Process – Exhibit 16.2 channel richness – Exhibit 16.3 listening Formal Communication Channels down/up-ward communication – Exhibit 16.5 centralized/decentralized network – Exhibit 16.6 Networks – chain, wheel, all-channel, circle Chapter 17 team Exhibit 17.1 Dilemma of Teams Exhibit 17.2 free rider/social loafing
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Unformatted text preview: Effective Team Leadership Types of Teams Team Characteristics interdependence – 3 kinds Member Roles Chapter 17 (cont.) Stages of Team Development - Exhibit 17.6** team cohesiveness conflict – functional/dysfunctional Exhibit 17.8 Styles to Handle Conflict - Exhibit 17.9 integrative negotiation distributive negotiation Chapter 18 organizational control Feedback Control Model/Control Process Steps Exhibit 18.2 total quality management (TQM) benchmarking quality circles six sigma ISO 9000 standards continuous improvement – kaizen bureaucratic control Types of Bureaucratic Control activity based costing Chapter 19 operations management manufacturing/service organizations Exhibit 19.2 supply chain management inventory just-in-time inventory systems knowledge management information technology (IT) management information system (MIS) data vs. information intranet vs. extranet e-business team norms...
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