History of Jazz and Rock

History of Jazz and Rock - Music 2557 Section 002 Test III...

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Music 2557 Section 002 Test III Review Sheet Please feel free to ask any questions, whether by email or in class: [email protected] I. Test Information: 1. There will be five listening example questions (one point each)- we will play a rock song from the listening examples that are on WebCT. Please listen to the top two selections from the following categories: 1, Doo-Wop 2. 3. The British Invasion 4. Soul 5. Motown 6. San Francisco Rock Again, the five listening example questions will be selected from only numbers one and two of each selection. The multiple-choice questions will be along the lines of: Who is this artist? What style of music is this? Where did this song originate geographically? 2. There will be 30 multiple-choice and true/false questions (one point each) based on subjects that we’ve covered so far in class. There will be no questions based on materials in the reading, other than what he have covered in class. Nearly all the questions will be from this summary. 3. There will also be this essay question: Essay Question (15 points): (Please be sure that you sign your essay) Pick a musical artist that we have encountered in this class: 1. What is their life story? 2. What is their musical genre or genres? 3. What or who are their main musical influences? 4. What other artists have they influenced? 5. What social or historical forces shaped their art? Did or do they in turn shape society and history, and if so, how? 6. Why do you think that this artist is unique and important, and what do they mean to you?
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Please write well, use specific details, and demonstrate that you have thought about the subject. Notes will not be used in this test, and of course we expect you to protect your own
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History of Jazz and Rock - Music 2557 Section 002 Test III...

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