103 Quiz _2 (Islam)--Study Guide

103 Quiz _2 (Islam)--Study Guide - Ummah Shahadahs Unity of...

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REL 103: Study Guide for Quiz #2 Autumn, 2009 Dr. Furman Questions will be drawn from the following terms and concepts. Be sure you understand these concepts in context; do not memorize definitions as if this were a vocabulary list. Please bring a sharpened #2 pencil to class on the day of the quiz. Myth—definitions and functions Symbol vs. sign Prophet Muhammad Gabriel Quran Surah Mecca Medina Hijra—622 CE. Caliph Sunnism and Shi’ism
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Unformatted text preview: Ummah Shahadahs Unity of God Sunnah Hadith Shariah and its sources Sufism Mosque Pillars of Islam Jihad People of the Book Islamic doctrines and central beliefs Islamic ethics Gender complementarity The Hajj and its major rituals Ka’bah Age of Ignorance Malcolm X and the Hajj Ritual—characteristics and functions Emile Durkheim Western, dualistic religious experience (Rudolph Otto)...
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