103 Quiz _3 (Buddhism) Study Guide--Aut. 09

103 Quiz _3 (Buddhism) Study Guide--Aut. 09 -...

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REL 103: Study Guide for Quiz #3 Autumn, 2009 Dr. Furman Questions will be drawn from the following terms and concepts. Be sure you understand these concepts in context; do not memorize definitions as if this were a vocabulary list. Please bring a sharpened #2 pencil to class on the day of the quiz. Buddha’s birth and stages to Enlightenment Wheel as Buddhist symbol Samsara Nirvana Dharma Shanga Karma Bodhi tree Four Noble Truths Three Fundamental Truths (suffering, impermanence, no-self) Asceticism Hedonism Middle Way Salvation Rebirth Meditation—sitting and walking
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Unformatted text preview: Meditation--purposes Mindfulness Doctrine and faith in Buddhism Interbeing Interdependence Emptiness Skahdhas (aggregates) Life and death—connection Non-dualism Historical vs. ultimate dimensions of life Historical vs. Living Buddha Anger and its transformation Compassion and its cultivation Inner transformation Buddha nature Three Jewels/Refuges: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha Three Poisons: anger, ignorance, craving/greed Bodhisattva Monistic religious experience Mindfulness Trainings...
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