Chapter 6 notes

Chapter 6 notes - felony • Extortion- making threats to...

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Chapter 6 Nature of Crimes Crime- any act or omission forbidden by public law Actus reus- wrongful or overt act Mens rea- criminal intent or mental fault Felony- a serious crime Misdemeanor- a less serious crime Vicarious liability- liability imposed for acts of employees if the employer directed, participated in, or approved of the acts. Crime against Business Larceny- trespassory taking and carrying away of personal property of another with the intent to deprive the victim permanently of the property Embezzlement- taking of another’s property by a person who was in lawful possession of the property. False pretenses- obtaining title to property of another by means of representation one knows to be materially false; made with intent to defraud Robbery- commiting larceny with the use of threat or force Burglary- under most modern statues, an entry into a building with the intent to commit a
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Unformatted text preview: felony • Extortion- making threats to obtain money or property • Bribery- offering money or property to a public official to influence the officials decision • Forgery- intentional falsification of a document to defraud • Bad checks- knowingly issuing a check without a sufficient funds to cash the check Defenses of Crimes • Duress- coercion by threat of serious bodily harm; a defense to criminal conduct other than murder (threaten to kill someone if they don’t do what they say) Criminal Procedure • Steps in criminal prosecution- generally include arrest, booking, formal notice of charges, preliminary hearing to determine probable cause, indictment or information, arraignment, and trial. • 4 th amendment • 5 th amendment • 6 th amendment • Everyone must be read their MIRANDA RIGHTS...
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Chapter 6 notes - felony • Extortion- making threats to...

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