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BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 3 The Cocoa-Cola/Burger King marketing test was not ethical. I feel that Coca Cola “used” Burger King to increase their own sales at Burger King’s expense. By terminating Mr. Whitley, it shows that Coca Cola was only interested in profits. However, by firing him, didn’t they think that Mr. Whitley would go to the media? Why not keep Mr. Whitley as an employee and try to explain to him their tactics? I did look up Burger King’s menu on-line and see that they still carry Coca Cola products. (By the way. they have a very cool website) Possibly the 21 million dollar settlement and the apology by Coke salvaged the Coca Cola/Burger King relationship. 1. Ms. Mankamyer created a conflict of interest because she had competing professional interests. She crossed over a “bouandary” in my opinion. She is not and did not claim to be a real estate agent and I would think she was showing the home strictly as a goodwill gesture. 2. Ethical values refer to standards of right and wrong that guide humans to do what they ought to do.
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