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BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 4 - appellant's restaurant originated...

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BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 4 1. 2. I believe American Airlines is at fault. They should honor any credits earned by consumers before the 1988 modifications. They were in violation of the Illinois Consumer Fraud act. I believe that the state law rules. 3. I believe the Arizona law is unconstitutional. It would require the growers to build facilities they do not need and the state can not interfere with federal reulation. 4. The first amendment allows the university to impose these fees if they remain neutral and not impose their views on students. Southworth felt this fee was in violation of his right of free association. 5. Yes, they had been denied due process because due process requires the customer to be heard and to have the opportunity to rectify an error. 6. 7. 8. WOW….The U.S. Supreme Court held that because some food served in the
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Unformatted text preview: appellant's restaurant originated out of state, Congress could, under the Commerce Clause, outlaw racial segregation in this privately-owned business. They didn’t even base their decision on the Civil Rights Act alone! That really blew me away! 9. 10. Yes, Ellis was entitled to a hearing because his employer was in violation of due process; the right for Ellis to hear the evidence against him. Predisiplinary hearing? 11. No, it is not constitutional because the law was originally aimed at “hippies”. There are many unrelated persons living together, an example would be homosexuals and to deny them food stamps would be unconstitutional. 12. 13. I believe that the cable company is correct and should be protected by the equal protection clause. 14....
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BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 4 - appellant's restaurant originated...

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