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OCTOBER 23, 2008 DEBRA BARONE BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 8 QUESTIONS & CASE PROBLEMS 1. No, he does not have a good defense. The law states that an act may be a crime even though the committer has no knowledge that the law was being broken. Also, he should have checked further into the licensing requirements of the state. 2. Yes, the customers can bring a criminal action 3. Yes, there was enough intent and action for a crime. Breaking and entering. 4. No, this was not a valid defense. Although the intent to hurt someone was not there, she is guilty of driving while impaired and becasue of that impairment someone was killed. 5. I believe she was right; that money was given to her. She could do with it as she pleased. She was not appointed guardian yet when the money was given to her. 6. Yes, he filed false claims IF he did not perform the services stated. It does not really say in the articel whether he actually performed the services or did not.
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