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November 12, 2008 BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 9 DEBRA BARONE 1. This was tort of invasion of privacy as the shipyard used Tiger Wood’s likeness for commercial advantage. I believe they would have needed Tiger Wood’s permission to use his name and photographs. 2. I believe this is a case of libel defamation. The comment made untrue implications about the photograph. The court did not agree with me, however! Note that Judge Carlos T. Bea dissented because he felt a reasonable person could find the photo and caption were defamatory. 3. I believe David’s actions were reckless enough to warrant this case. Engaging in a snowball fight while snowboarding is out of range for this activity. 4. If there was contributory negligence on the part of Robin, then she is not entitled to any recovery of damages. I believe she was negligent as well because of her speed; if she was going the speed limit, the truck might have avoided hitting her. This is an excellent article containing contributory negligent
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