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November 18, 2008 BUSINESS LAW CHAPTER 10 DEBRA BARONE 1. I believe Starbucks can bring suit against Xingbake Café under the Trade Dress Protection. Starbucks name and image was being used by this competitor and could ultimately deceive consumers. 2. Yes, the Anticybersquatting Act applys here because the trademark owner’s mark is distinctive or famous; and the domain name and the trademark are either identical or confusingly similar. 3. He is protected under the Computer Software Copyright Act of 1980. 4. It is illegal to copy a copyrighted CD. Musicians get royalties from their works are are protected by copyright laws. 5. I don’t agree. The BAA owns the name "Boston Marathon" and the shirts imprinted with logos constitutes. I believe that Mark Sullivan should not manufacture or sell shirts displaying the name Boston Marathon. 6. I agree with the University. The bulldog logo is too similar to the University’s thus could cause confusion with consumers. I believe this is an infringement on the University’s trademarked logo. 7.
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